Good things happen when we become the leaders of our own lives


There comes a time when you just know

I'm Wendy. Transformational Life Coach. CPC, CPP, Instructor at Leadership That Works coaching school in New York, USA. 

I'm Wendy. Transformational Life Coach. CPC, CPP, Instructor at Leadership That Works coaching school in New York, USA. 

You know something has to change.

It's time to honor yourself, your dreams, your work and your life. I know you feel it deep within you. That desire to do, be, and live better, not just "more". And then there's that impact you crave. 

It's the thing that's calling you, the thoughts that distract you. And then never go away. You might not know exactly what to do or how to do it, but you know you need to take action. And the thing is, you know it can start small.

You can bring more to your work, your relationships and your wellness. But you and I know there are bigger dreams. Huge, exciting goosebump kind of dreams. 

You can make a difference. A big difference.

How 'bout we start now?

Wendy was engaged and I felt safe and secure. This allowed me to be open and free to express those deeper areas that needed to be discovered.

Wendy was extremely caring and supportive but also knew how to ask the right questions to help empower me and help facilitate my growth.

I am an entrepreneur and without Wendy’s guidance, I would not have seen the personal, business and financial growth that I have seen in the last few months.


Transformational Life-coaching

Honor yourself. Change the world.

You know it's time for change if 

You're struggling to take ownership of your own leadership in the workplace

You're ready to take action for the causes you care about deeply

You're tired of feeling like you're living someone else's life

You're ready for the next level of success in your career

Looking for deeper meaning to your work

You're thinking - yes, I can make a difference and I'm ready to take action


mind    body    spirit    culture


I work with the whole you and we honor all you are, where you are. Today.

My work attracts ambitious women and women who are ready to for big changes. Women who can relate to the immigrant experience are particularly drawn to my work. There is often a battle to honour this experience while also honouring themselves fully. 

I understand this myself. More about me here.

How I can help you 

6 Sessions 1:1


Work with me privately 1:1 for 6-sessions. Open your life to possibilities when you follow your heart.

Single Session


Laser focused coaching to get you moving forward in one session. For times you need a coach to help you find clarity around a specific topic.

Leadership Group


For women who want take consistent steps towards their BIG goals. 12-week group program, with 1:1 support and group calls.