6-session coaching package

"Without Wendy's help I wouldn't have seen the personal, business & financial success I have over the past few months" -Liana

When you're ready for some serious change

This package is for the woman who is ready to make some serious changes in her life.

We begin with a Discovery session where we get crystal clear about your goals, dreams and what’s been getting in the way of reaching them. This session sets the foundation for the rest of our work together.

The following sessions will be 45 minutes long and in true coaching fashion, you get to set the agenda for what we work on. We focus on the present while engaging with anything that comes up from your past that’s presented itself to be a barrier for you. We will discover what is important to you at your core - your values, and ensure that any decisions you make moving forward are fully aligned with them.

My Approach

The work I do is very holistic.

I believe we must honor our full selves: Mind, Body, Spirit & Culture.

Like me, I know many of you have come from families with deep cultural roots. Sometimes knowing what this means for us and how we decide to honor this, can help us lead fuller lives. No matter where you're from we must nourish our full selves.

What you can expect

  • 6-1:1 sessions over 3 months
  • Coaching with action oriented commitments by the end of each session
  • Supportive material, exercises and tools as needed
  • A "Safe Space" & Permission to be all that you are today

People often come to me for

  • Major decision making
  • Work and career goals
  • Personal health, mind-body awareness, happiness and fulfilment
  • Healthy relationships
  • Help creating positive change in the world
  • Cultural acceptance and celebration