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My name is Wendy Rodriguez and my purpose as a life coach is simple: we all have the answers within ourselves, and I want to empower you to find those answers. I’m here for the mavericks, the entrepreneurs, the dreamers and the doers.

Through my coaching, I want to empower women to find their voices.


Where it all began.

My journey as a life coach started with my mom. When my siblings and I were young, our mother courageously took the leap to move to a new country with a new culture and a new language.

For my family, coming to the U.S. was a complete culture shock – I remember arriving in the South Bronx and hearing hip hop blasting on the radio for the first time. And yet, my mom was so strong and took these changes in stride. She was fearless.

It’s that fearlessness that has inspired me ever since. And that continues to inspire me today.

Like many of you

I have had moments in my life where fear has kept me from achieving my goals. I worked, lived and behaved in a way that made others happy without giving thought to my own needs.

Early on in my career, I felt that it was my duty to honor the sacrifice my mom made for us.

Honor, duty, sacrifice

I went down a career path that didn’t make me happy out of a sense of obligation. It wasn’t until I started volunteering with a local non-profit that I started to see how happy I could be and how much my own life had been shaped by fear up to that point.

Through the process of finding my own power, I’ve learned to overcome those fears today and women often are attracted to my work which often specializes in the experiences of women of color, immigration, a desire for social impact along with career advancement and development.

And that’s why I’m here today – I want to embolden you to find your strength as I’ve found mine.

Now it’s your turn.

I help women succeed

I’m here to help not only the powerhouse leaders of the world, but also the women who may not even be aware of their full potential, yet. I want to help you step outside of your comfort zone to chase your dreams and make an impact on the world.

I offer one-on-one services & group programs that will give you the tools you need to define your core values and live your most authentic life.

My focus is on you and your unique story.

Ready to take the next step? Together we can change the world, one woman at a time.

Wendy helped me improve certain aspects of my life that I been trying to get better at for years!

-Jenny, Analyst