So you want to change the world


Taking action for positive change will feed your soul

In the last three years, I got the opportunity to take action for social justice issues I feel are important.  One of these issues is the Ramapough Lenabe's fight for their ancestral land. 

Connection, activism, and support comes in many forms

While on my own journey towards taking action for causes and issues I feel are important I’ve been blessed to be welcomed into some of the most loving and healing community circles focused on ancestry, music, spoken word, and other art forms.

When you show up, take action and support communities and causes you feel are important it empowers not only your human spirit but the spirit of us all. Together we really do rise. The experience is not just powerful and empowering but connective and nourishing.  

As a woman of color

I've found the communities I've been invited into to be revolutionary in their approach to activism.  Their voices are powerful, nourishing, welcoming and healing.  Once I started to take action and hold space for the voices of others, I started to understand my own struggles as a woman of color. 

I wanted to learn more about other oppressed people and I wanted to do more.

Capitalism, patriarchy & white supremacy

I have wanted to really understand what ideologies such as capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy really mean.

What do they mean? What do they mean to me?

The "desire" to understand I've learned isn't really enough. I didn't like the feeling that maybe I was doing something wrong or breaking the rules somehow. I knew there were powerful lessons for me that would help me live in this world and understand it better.

An understanding of ourselves and others

Because I didn't just want to stop perpetuating harm. I wanted to heal. So I started looking into ways that I could get that knowledge.  And the best way for me was and is through workshops and classes.

I've found in order to change the world you have to put some effort into understanding it, along with your own place within it. 

Do you want to change the world? Tell me what's important to you in the comments, I'd love to hear from you.