What life's patterns teach us


Life choices reflect core desires

I’ve expressed my core desires in my life in many ways and all of them having something to do with a desire to help others.  When I reflect on the things I've always been drawn too it is this.  Furthermore, I started showing up for this core desire at a young age without having to over think anything, without realizing I was following a path or "showing up".

I started taking actions at every opportunity to fulfill this natural desire and because it was always driven by a core desire, my set of values and something that is a "passion", it always felt right.

What do the patterns of your life choices teach you?

Once I reflected on my life choices while growing up I could clearly see a path I'd chosen. Perhaps the path chose me? 

Whatever the case, when you follow your heart there is a flow, an ease and a real connection with fulfillment. You make choices to fulfill your heart's desire even if you aren't completely aware of this all the time.

And this doesn't mean it's always easy, but the proof is in the pattern. Your heart always pulls you towards your natural gifts.

My path is a compass for my happy life

I was a peer mediator in junior high, a Resident Assistant in college and part of the Model Senate to talk about the Educational Opportunity Program to legislators in college.

Not only that, I chose to become a mentor at a non-profit, helping young women in shelters while working in a corporate job.  This was before I then made the transition to working at a non-profit teaching financial literacy.

Last but not least, I became a life coach.

This deep desire to help others has been running through my blood for a long time, and the biggest lesson I gained from my personal path of authentic living? I can see that the whole time I’ve been trying to help myself, to liberate myself.

What does your path tell you about your core desires and the healing work you're meant to do?

Share in the comments below and acknowledge your authentic self.